Kim’s Resources for Hiring Online Filipino Specialists

Tips and Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining

We added Online Filipino Specialists to our team several years ago and this page includes a sampling of my tried and true best practices. The OnlineJobs.PH  site is a HUGE resource as well as the website created by John Jonas.

Certainly check there. This page is dedicated to my own tips, tricks, and best practices. These are things I have personally done at Shop Marketing Pros to hire and retain the very best. Our “International Team” members are as much a part of our team just like our Stateside (American) team members.

My hope is that you will find hiring International Team Members will help you reach your goals while also helping them to live better lives full of happiness and dreams as well!

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I may be adding to this list of resources as time goes on. The purpose is to help you get going! I am always available to encourage and cheer you on as you begin your journey. Feel free to email me .